App Store Approvals – Navigating the Minefield


Applikation | August 25, 2021

You did it! After all that work the app is ready. Your team is happy, the product looks great and the initial user testing was a success.


So now what? Well, not so fast.


The app may be ready in your eyes but there is a final hurdle to over come – and its potentially a tricky one. Publishing an app is not as simple as launching a website, you need to get past the monolith machines that are Apple and Google.


Even the most simple, compliant product is going to get kicked back a few times and the process is never particularly transparent.


Ahead of any development process make sure you or your development partner has carefully cross referenced against the respective regulations, particularly if you’re building something in a regulated industry like Fintech or Real Money Gambling.


As Apple and Google ‘publish’ your product they act as the retailer, so they need to make sure they’re selling something legal and compliant otherwise they face steep fines and other punishments.


To give yourself the best shot at a successful review make sure you fully understand what you need to submit and what you need to provide, including test accounts, video demonstrations, specific geo-location access (or deny access) and any respective licenses and proof of IP.


Applikation will work with you throughout the process to ensure all this information is included in the first submission.


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