Building the Perfect MVP


Applikation | August 25, 2021

Everyone wants to build the next Facebook. Top tip: Don’t!


Building the next big project isn’t something you can do overnight. Save yourself time, money and stressful nights by focusing on the core functionality of your project and ask yourself “What does this product need to do?”


Don’t Build What Your Users Don’t Need

Are you sure they’re going to use that? Is it essential that the product has it? Has it been properly scoped and its use case justified?
These are all questions you need to ask yourself as part of the development process.


The temptation is to build everything you think a user may want and satisfy every requirement – but this doesn’t lead to good products, it leads to messy outcomes.


Focus on ensuring the core journeys work flawlessly and that you get your users from A to B exactly how you envisaged.

They’ll quickly tell you if and when they need something more – and thats perfect.

You’ll respond to clear user requirements and provide them the tools they need from you, free from the bloat of potentially expensive and time consuming product features that only a small fraction of your user base ever interacts with.


Wouldn’t that budget be better spent on improving the core journey, or getting your product in front of core customers?


As always, a good development partner should be telling you this. But just in case they’re not thats why we’re here.


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