The Relaunched Annabel Karmel App: How Applikation Raised The Game


Curtis Gabriel | October 14, 2021

Ever since the relaunch by Applikation in October 2020, the Annabel Karmel recipe app has been a constant fixture at the top of the iOS and Android charts. Users have commented on the improved functionality of the app, resulting in an average daily user increase of around 112%.

Due to the results of the app rebuild, Applikation is now set to launch a fully new web platform in the coming weeks, after becoming the exclusive digital partner of Annabel Karmel. Find out more about how Applikation’s approach improved the usability and profitability of the Annabel Karmel app and our top 5 tips on how to create a chart-topping app.

Key performance improvements as a result of Applikation’s strategy:

  • Since APK has redeveloped the Annabel Karmel iOS app, average daily users have increased by nearly 112%.
  • The average daily users on the iOS app before working with Applikation was around 800, compared to 1,700 after the successful relaunch
  • The highest daily number in the app’s history hit a huge 2000 users.
  • By switching from a paid app to a freemium model on Android, the app has seen a 30% increase in daily revenue.

Find out more how on Applikation’s approach to improving the usability and profitability of the Annabel Karmel app.

The Annabel Karmel app has been a chart-topping app since relaunch thanks to Applikation

Early in 2020, initial discussions began between Applikation and the team at Annabel Karmel about how to improve both their iOS and Android apps. The app was having issues that needed immediate fixes implemented which Applikation was able to carry out, making the app a more functional and enjoyable place to be. By implementing these fixes quickly, Applikation helped Annabel Karmel retain their current userbase and set the stage for even further improvements in the future.

In July 2020, a complete rebuild of their existing iOS and Android apps was agreed, with Applikation believing that the improvements we could make would massively improve the daily users of the app. We set to work on making the app a more user-friendly place to be, focusing in on showcasing Annabel Karmel as a well-respected expert in nutrition for babies, children and families, along with the 300+ recipes hosted on the app.

Due to the successful relaunch of the Annabel Karmel app, Applikation have also been tasked with creating a full web platform rebuild from the ground up, set to launch in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Annabel Karmel website to experience the key changes we’ll be makes to the user experience and content offering.

We’re extremely proud to say that Applikation are now the exclusive digital partner of Annabel Karmel.

After Applikation relaunched the Annabel Karmel app, average daily users increased from 800 to 1,7000 per day on average on the iOS store alone. The highest daily user number in the app’s history was achieved on the last week with a huge 2000 daily users. 

Expert tips on how to make a chart-topping app 

Here’s 5 tips from the Applikation team on how to make a chart-topping app: 

  • Always do competitive market research to get an idea for what the problem is that your app is solving. This will also help to establish the USP of your app and what differentiates it from the competitors in the market.
  • Always put the user and the functionality of the app first. One of the main functions of apps is to improve the user experience compared what sometimes can be clunky mobile browsers. So, it makes sense to always approach your app with the user in mind. Any changes or suggestions should benefit the user first above all else.
  • Create design mockups before jumping straight into coding. We’re perhaps stating the obvious, but always put time aside to create wireframes showcasing the functionality of each screen and how the user journey will work. You should have a fully working prototype at the end of this process.
  • Take onboard user feedback to improve your app even further. Sometimes when you’re working on something, it’s hard to step back and see it from a different point of view. Gathering user feedback will help you do this and makes positive changes to your app.
  • Implement a marketing plan to promote your new app. This will help your standout from the millions of apps currently on the iOS app store. Focus on establishing a pre-launch email list, digital PR and perhaps some paid advertising. If you’re lucky enough to know any influencers that can promote your app – even better!

Download the Annabel Karmel iOS or Android app from the relevant store to see our work for yourself. If you have a new project that you think Applikation can help out with, let us give you an online estimate or alternatively get in touch with us here. 

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