Our Process.

Delivering the right product at the right time.


Key For Success.

We believe the discovery phase of the app development process is key to the success of your mobile app. The discovery phase aims to create a shared understanding of your product vision and objectives through detailed research, discussion, and analysis of your idea. The end goal is visualisation of the entire scope of the app, defining a feature set that will drive app goals and create real value for users.

Passion For High-end Design.

We understand how essential it is to invest time and effort in creating a great user experience. Initially we create a set of low-fidelity wireframes which shows how users will interact with the product. Additionally, we will produce an entity-relationship diagram or prototype, before designing the final pixel-perfect designs, with constant feedback loops through user testing at every stage.


Building With You.

We start by Sprint planning; a key part of our Agile working methodology, which allows us to retain focus on critical work at each stage of development. By breaking down the work into a series of ‘sprints’, we are able to achieve key objectives at an achievable and consistent pace. Development sprints will produce testable product features, so you can see and feel the progress that’s being made on your project and reach the launch stage as soon as possible.

Blast Off.

Executing the perfect launch is essential to the success of a new platform. We work with you to ensure every possible detail is identified and prepared for ahead of your product release.

Whether it is navigating the Apple and Google approval process, or ensuring a smooth migration from an old platform to the new, we have the skill to plan and execute flawless launches.


Ensure Continuity Is Retained.

Launching a product is just the start of the journey and from day one your users will be offering their opinions and demanding the next big feature. Applikation believe that the long term success of a product is dependent on always being at the forefront of technology developments and changes.

From ensuring compatability with the latest browsers or operating systems, to managing complex compliance changes required by the biggest platforms, Applikation will always be on hand.

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